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Financial Analysis For Energy Efficiency (EE) Projects

Course Code: MBA003_FAEEP
Course Category: Micro-Learning
Knowledge Level: Basic
Duration: 1hr 54mins
CDP Points: 1 CDP
IMPORTANT NOTE: will generate a certificate of completion at the end of the course (upon successful completion).
-Certificate date is based on the date of course completion (not purchase date)

RM 98.00

Course Description & Learning Benefits: 

The training program is for non-technical and technical personnel with little to no background in finance. The course will also be relevant for people who are involved or related to EE projects identification, presentation for management approval and implementation.

Main contents :

  • Funding options for EE projects
  • Introduction to capital budgeting and understanding of key terminologies
  • Common methods in evaluating EE projects and which methods to use?
  • How to confirm the financial feasibility of the project?
  • Examples – the use MS Excel for calculations in the financial evaluation

Main Learning Outputs include understanding suitable financial analysis method in energy efficiency projects evaluation, and conducting basic financial analysis. This is crucial to confirm the feasibility of investments in energy efficiency projects for any organization.

Target Audience:   

  • Energy/sustainability managers & Registered Electrical Energy Managers.
  • Energy management committee members
  • Procurement/purchasing personnel
  • Executives from large energy users
  • Government officers/engineers/technical personnel involved in energy efficiency related retrofitting projects at federal, state & local authority levels.
  • Energy management and EE  consultants and practitioners.
  • Facilities and asset managers.
  • Asset owners, administrators & facility management companies.
  • Operation and maintenance directors, managers & executives.
  • Undergraduate and post- graduate engineering/technical students.


About The Trainer :

Zaini Abdul Wahab

Zaini Abdul Wahab

Certified Energy Management System Expert by United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)

Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) with Energy Commission (EC)

Certified Energy Auditor and Accredited Energy Measurement and Verification Professional by Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies(MAESCO)

HRDF Certified Trainer

Technical Auditor for ISO50001 Certification Audit A permanent trainer for Certified Energy Manager’s Training Course for REEMs by MAESCO

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Malaysia